KKC College of Nursing, affiliated to Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences,Vijayawada, approved by Indian Nursing Council(INC) established in the academic year 2005-2006 with the vision “To be the one of the best More »

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Knowledge is gold. To cultivate good reading habits, Library@KKC, Puttur  has a peaceful infrastructure, carefully designed to ensure an ambiance that is conducive to reading and contemplation. With over 10,640 Volumes across More »

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            Sri K.Kuppaiah Chetty, Founder & Chairman of KKC Group of Institutions, Puttur, With his administrative acumen, progressive & forward looking visions keep the institutions in good More »

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MISSION: Maintain the institution as a “centre of excellence “in nursing education trough continuous development and prepare nursing professionals to serve in the field of nursing service, education and administration and to More »

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KKC college of nursing is located in outskirts of puttur at KKC nagar. The approach is on the Tirupati to chennai high way 25kms from. Tirupathi. It is housed in an integrated More »


KKC, Puttur, Arthakshethra





KKC Group of Institutions, Puttur organizes and celebrates ARTHAKSHETRA an annual event at KKCPTR. ARTHAKSHETRA was started in the year 2011 to provide a platform to the young and enthusiastic managers to enhance their Management aptitude and improve professional competence through learning by sharing ideas.

It’s been an opportunity to encourage managerial students to learn the art of growing by sharing. After all prosperity is about sharing, which remained primordial in the area of wisdom and prosperity. We at KKC felt that the current business world needs a pause to think about the basics of wealth and prosperity, to garner the human excellence and wellbeing in the young managers.

KKC has been witnessing more than 200 participants in Arthakshetra since its launch in 2011.

Here goes the invitation to the young minds across the country to celebrate yet another festival of wisdom and wealth on 26th APRIL 2K14.

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Managerial Events

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Master your moves and style

  1. SOLO:
    (i) Singing (Solo)
    (ii) Dance (Solo)
  2. Pass through two rounds:
    (i) Set your Style
    (ii)Make your Style
  3. GROUP: Pass through two rounds:
    (i) Set your voice
    (ii) Fly your voice
  4. Two to Five participants per team
  5. Dance performers are informed to bring their own properties, dress, make-up kit etc., with respect to their performances.
  6. No Classical performances are accepted.
  7. A performer allowed to perform only once in any of the events.
  8. At any case no second chance will be provided.
  9. Arguments lead to disqualification of candidature.
  10. Participants must bring & submit their song (digital copy) in CDs only.
  11. Merit certificate will be given to the top two performers.
  12. Participation Certificates will be given to the participants of the final stage.
  13. Registration fee: Rs.100/- per participant per event.

1. Participants must bring a Bonafied Certificate issued by the Head of the Institution/Head of the department with student ID card.
2. Judges decision is final.

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