KKC College of Nursing, Puttur, History


KKC college of nursing is located in outskirts of puttur at KKC nagari. The approach is on the Tirupati to chennai high way 25kms from. Tirupathi. It is housed in an integrated educational complex of KKC nagar approachable both by public and private transport. KCON (KKC College of Nursing) is affiliated to. DR NTRUHS and approved by Indian nursing education since 2005.

Nursing profession is based on the ideal, service to the humanity and is focused a assisting individuals, families and communities in attaining retaining and maintaining optical health and functioning. It has become more challenging in the work of latest technologies and advanced research in this field. KKCON strives to impact not only professional acumen to our students but take keen interest in the development of their personalities helping them grow as trained professional and evolve as compassionate beings.

The college has laboratories equipped with state of the art technologies, well stocked library and above all, dedicated and accomplished faculty and staff to assist study reach this goal and realize their potential.

We wish the best to all the aspirants to the noble pioneering nursing profession for success in their career building.